October 7, 2018
By: Wayne Dyck

for KING & COUNTRY - Burn the Ships

for KING & COUNTRY released their latest album, Burn the Ships, on Friday, October 5. Listening to each track on the album and reading the stories behind these songs it quickly becomes apparent what an emotional and personal journey this album has been for the brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone. The album confronts lonliness, suicide, anxiety and redemption.

Reading comments on the band's various social media channels it is incredibly moving to see how much each song is having an impact on people's lives. In a recent People interview Luke Smallbone concludes with, "It all kind of makes sense when these songs become other people's songs. We've exposed our stories from our hearts. And the reason why we do that is because we believe that other people are going through similar things."

Below is the official music video for their song, Burn the Ships, the title track off the new album.

So many of us are held captive by guilt and shame from our past. This song is an invitation to leave the past behind, burn our ships, and step into a new day.

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